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Incredible Custom Homes &
New Home Construction

Don't overlook any aspect of your new home construction, and turn to the professionals in Paupack, Pennsylvania, at Homestead Design & Build, Inc. Here, we'll look at a few of the standard building points associated with creating custom homes.

Sturdy Foundation

A fundamental part of your new home, the amount of focus and care we put into the foundation is second to none. Alternative foundations are available, but generally we use precast foundations, and we can even do poured concrete walls. Other services related to the foundation include:

• 13 Course Full Basement of 12" Block 
• Six Course Crawlspace of 10" Block 
• Footings (to Be Twice the Width at Block and 10"-Thick Rebar as Necessary)
• Coring & Reinforcement (as Necessary)
• Parge Coated with Sponge Finish Above Grade, Tarred Below Grade

Framing Options

When constructing your home, we make it a point to use the finest lumber available. We pressure treat all of our lumber with highly skilled masons to ensure lasting protection and support. In addition, all framing lumber is construction-grade S.P.F. and all framing and fastening is performed per local and national code. Other services related to framing involve:

• All Spacing is 16" on Center on 2x6 Walls
• ½" Zip System on Walls & 5/8" Zip System on the Roof

• Main Girder Minimum Tripled 2x12, or Steel I-Beam (as Specified)
• Silent Floor System (per Engineers Design)

Extraordinary Flooring

Have Homestead Design & Build Inc. create the inside of a home that will take your breath away. The flooring allowance is $22.00 per yard for carpet, $10.00 per foot for tile, and $7.75 per square foot for hardwood.

Treated Sheetrock

We use strong ½" sheetrock taped and spackled three coats. We take this extra step to ensure everything is sealed and protected throughout your home. The process we undergo for our sheetrock includes two coats of flat wall paint (including all trim), one coat stain, and two coats of polyurethane.

Closets & Trim

Trim to be 4” casing around windows and 6” baseboard with base cap. All closets are from premium ClosetMaid™ shelving.

Using the Proper Insulation

The importance of using the proper amount and type of insulation cannot be understated. When you have us build your home, we use:

• R-21 for Walls

• R-38 for Ceilings

• R-19 for Crawlspaces

• Sill Sealer under Sill Plates

• Soundproofing for Bathrooms

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